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A Lost Brother

Dedicated to Arun:
Looking back into the past-4 years; from all I
could remember, the first few days of college
life, how we used to sit glassy-eyed in front of
the professor, trying our best to grasp what they
were trying so hard to make us understand.
But if ever a soul existed that appeared to
grasp virtually everything like he knew it all
then that would be my brother from another
mother. A pillar of strength, a beacon of hope,
a river of knowledge… no phrase could suffice
a personality such as his. In these days of cellphones
and gadgets there lived this person who
loved writing letters and reading books. From a
humble child of teachers, he rose to the highest
ranks in our hearts; friends and our professors.
When he entered a room, one would notice a
lean, tall figure but once he opened his mouth,
the vocabulary of a scholar would part out,
and his departure would demand a standing
ovation. Such was his love for knowledge, like
no other. A book given to us, would be skimmed,
understood and forgotten eventually. But who
would stop to think, analyse and even argue
with the author? My brother would. But you
will be grossly mistaken if you label him “nerd”
because my brother was the king of all fields.
He was a refined athlete who sprinted like no
other, he played cricket like a pro, dominated
the football field and would never step down.
Few know this; Anna loved music, he could pick
a false note from afar yet strangely remain aloof
of things. I can never pay him back except in
these (petit) words. A year has passed by, yet
seems like today, when he was lying in the cold
with head disfigured; his parents and loved ones
lost a part of their lives. It left us with unhealed
scar. Brother, you reside in each of our hearts
and we live to see another day with the fine
hope that one day we could be half the person
you were. We miss you Arun more than we can
say. Hope you are looking down from heaven
with that ever grateful and cheerful smile on
your face and putting in a good word or two to
the Almighty, while we await our life to take its


Abhinaya Shekhar