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Live today

Have you ever wondered which part of life would you go to if you could go back in time?

Can you think of those moments you want to live again? Aren’t there a million of them?
Happy, sad, sweet, annoying, interesting…. All that we wish to freeze in time, things too
precious to let go off from our heart. Those are the moments that make life worth living.
Each of these celebrated moments passes by our life everyday and every second. Sadly
many of these go unnoticed. These wonders are hidden in this busy world where we run
in search of success, fame, popularity. The busy schedules of a businessman, the slogging
hours of a software tech in front of his never amusing screen, the long lost hours of home
makers falling prey to soap operas, youth’s crave for virtual reality, social networks and
texting erase these moments of the day.
Sadly people, friends and loved ones mostly go unnoticed. We are moving farther away
from one another despite being closer. A few families enjoy daily dinners together, or
have weekends to amuse. Fewer friends get to meet one another, many children crave
for parental care and many parents are sent to old age homes. The care for fellow human
decreases in the world today. Lost are the moments of enjoying a child’s smile, laughing
for stupid pranks or consoling a broken heart.
Do we even express ourselves today? We are slowly forgetting to express our love, care,
anger, hatred. They get locked within the walls of consciousness; they are shipped to
oblivion with never healing scars and unwanted tears. Some of them are sown as seeds
deep within us that they eventually grow into a poison ivy taking our toll. They result
in hatred of the hour and the violence of the day. They chase away the charm and the
happiness today. Life becomes cruel and senseless day by day.
This life as we live it today is a self inflicted punishment for once own greed. This is not ‘living
life’; life is to embrace humanity, it is to serve the world, to live more amply, with greater
vision with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. Life is to live today. It is to live now.
Let’s begin to live life, let’s take chances of daring to do the unknown. Let’s count the
moments with surprises ahead, enjoy a party, loose ourselves in the beauty of the
dusk, try a million to crack a joke even if your bad at it, dance crazy, shout out and say
hello, wonder at the charming eyes, laugh out loud and tell someone they look ‘eek in
that costume’. Chill out break free of the webs that hold us tight. Break the monotony,
consciousness, ego or attitude.
Let loosen the spirit within, it’ll make the place lively. Lets live, set high goal walk
together towards them, let smiles fill our day and wipe away our tears. Let’s make our
bonds stronger because we never know when we breathe our last in the end, not a soul
should ever regret of not living its dreams.
Live today because it is your “present”.

Thasneem Jainulabdeen