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My Letter to Heaven

Here on earth is a girl, who is always alone

Tears rolling down her cheek an umpteenth
In remembrance of her daddy;
Her superhero, who was much more than
spiderman or superman.
Her first love, whom she can no more see or
play with
And the little girl is left wondering,
Where her fairy-tale teller may be?
She envies her friends fortune
But seldom understands her misfortune.
Often, she is questioned about her daddy’s
For which she manages to say,
“My daddy is up there, in heaven, in search of
the best Barbie doll, that his Barbie would love
to have,
And till he finds it, he will be the lucky angel
who is watching and blessing his little princess,
right from heaven”.
As a child, the little girl never knew,
Her daddy had kept another angel in-charge of
his little princess……
As time passed by, the lonely girl realized,
Her love for her dearest mommy, is more than
anyone’s imagination.
Her mommy, who is much more than being just
a mother,
Daddy’s daughter sees that her angelic mommy
carries two souls within,
Whom she calls her mommy is also her daddy.
The little girl survives each day,
With the belief, that, in her mommy, her daddy
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a
She would walk right up to heaven, to bring her
daddy, home again…….

Srividhya Ravi