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Through the Looking Glass

Once, a teacher wanted to test one of his pupils. He wished to know how well he had imbibed his teachings. So he summoned the little boy and set up a challenge for him.

“This is a magical substance.” He said. “With it one can create whatever one wants.”
“I want you to make something that will make you accountable to everyone you wish to be
answerable to. Come back to me when you have created your answer.”
The boy started his task by thinking of all the people he wished to be accountable to….his parents, his teachers, friends, family, neighbours, society….the list was endless! How was one object going to make him accountable to all?
He racked his brains all night long, but nothing came to him. Finally, at dawn, sitting by a lake, he watched as the first rays of sunlight touched the water…and there! He had found his answer! All the while when he was pondering; it was right here, staring back at him!
Ready with an answer he sought his teacher. The teacher received the object and was stunned!
Looking back at him was his own reflection!
“What made you do this?”he asked the boy.
I dwelled on it for a while, teacher. I feel that every night, as I brush my teeth, if I can look at my reflection and meet my own eyes, that must suffice. Each day, I can keep my own conscience clear.
Once I am accountable to myself, I need not be accountable to anyone else. So I made a mirror.
The teacher was overwhelmed at the boy’s simple and mind blowing discovery! If only each one was accountable to oneself, one need not worry about satisfying others. A true reflection shows you your conscience, and each day you should be able to meet yourself, eye to eye. You have no one to answer to but yourself. As long as you can answer yourself, the rest as they say just falls into place!

Sumedha Biswas