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With Love, To My Maker

When the morning sun kisses the dew,
It makes me think of You…
When the sunset gives way to dusk’s purple hue,
It makes me think of You…
But to tell the world about You,
I have words very few.
Yet, if you want to find;
You will find this when you read my mind…
The center point of every scale, You are precision;
The center of the universe, You are perfection.
Man’s brainchild creations to this day amaze me,
But behind the creation of his very brain, You will be.
The One answer to life’s every question
You are the ultimate teacher and ultimate physician.
You breathe miracles out of the blue,
When experts of experts have the slightest clue.
Even the speck of a star, Your splendor screams;
Your reality is beyond our wildest dreams.
Underneath utter chaos..You hold everything in harmony,
A perfect blend of beauty, equanimity and magnanimity.
Your personality… the most magnetic!
Your powerful presence…so electric!!
Believe me.. this is no flattery…
You have truly captivated me.
Believe me there is nothing funny,
You have truly captivated many…
It fills me with ecstasy…
When I say You are special to me!
Among the variables of past present and future
You are THE constant forever
Thank You for the provision Father,
Thank You for the channel of prayer…
An awestruck heart sends You this letter
With LOVE, to my MAKER.

By Dr.Praveena
Alumni, 2005